Subfloor Preparation Equipment

110 litre mixing bucket Subfloor preparation

Enlarged mixing bucket with a 100 litre capacity

Bird cage mixer - KR type Subfloor preparation

Ideal mixing paddle for smoothing compounds. Helps prevent formation of lumps. Also suitable for mixing very viscous sealers or adhesives where high shear forces are needed.

Copper band Subfloor preparation

For applying conductive flooring to help discharge electrostatic charge

Corrugated links Subfloor preparation

To repair joints and cracks in the subfloor.

Ersatzmesser Junio Stripper

Replacement blades for Junio-Stripper in different sizes and versions

Floor spatula Subfloor preparation

Made of 0.6 mm thick, hardened and polished steel with an oblique wooden handle

Flow-Fix-Set Subfloor preparation

Allows for quick and ergonomic deployment of smoothing compounds onto the floor

Foam roller Subfloor preparation

For priming and coatings

Fräsblatt EF 135

DIA cutting blade for EF 135

Grinding stone Subfloor preparation

For grinding screeds, concrete and compounds.

Handle holder for rake Subfloor preparation

Allows use of the telescopic handle (#65497) with the rake, pin rake and pin leveller

HM grinding stone Subfloor preparation

For rough grinding or to remove residues

Large area rake, 60 cm Subfloor preparation

Allows the application of smoothing compounds while standing

Level PIN Subfloor preparation

Self-adhesive height-measurement markers for smoothing compounds and screeds

Nail shoes Subfloor preparation

For walking in wet smoothing compounds

Nail shoes Spiky Subfloor preparation

For walking in wet smoothing compounds or other coatings

Nylon roller Subfloor preparation

For applying floor adhesives, bituminous coatings, polyester coatings, two-component varnishes

and acid resistant coatings

OneMix Subfloor preparation

For mixing wood adhesives, epoxy resin primers and epoxy resin mortar

Pin leveller Subfloor preparation

With adapter to attach a handle or telescopic pole

Pin rake Subfloor preparation

To apply smoothing compounds

Plasterer spatula Subfloor preparation

Made of polished stainless steel

Rapid spatula Subfloor preparation

Made of 0.3 mm thick, hardened and stainless spring steel strip

Ripper Subfloor preparation

Helps reduce dust when opening paper bags

Roller adapter for telescopic handle Subfloor preparation

Allows the use of rollers with universal telescopic handle

Roller container Subfloor preparation

For storing used rollers

Rubber strips for universal holder Subfloor preparation

Rubber strips made of light rubber

Smoothing compound rake Subfloor preparation

To apply smoothing compounds and coating

Smoothing compound rake 56 cm Subfloor preparation

Allows smoothing compounds to be applied while standing

Smoothing trowel Subfloor preparation

For applying smoothing compounds

Spike rollers Subfloor preparation

For aerating smoothing compounds

Spiral cage mixing paddle - MK type Subfloor preparation

Rugged professional mixing paddle for use with epoxy resins.

Stirrer for 75 litre stirring station Subfloor preparation

Large double-wing stirrer for mixing up to 75 kg of powder

Stirring station, 75 litre Subfloor preparation

Stirring station for mixing up to 75 kg of powder

Swiss trowel Subfloor preparation

For applying smoothing compounds

Telescopic handle Subfloor preparation

Enables ergonomic working while standing

Transport caddy including 30 litre mixing bucket Subfloor preparation

To mix up to 30 kg of powder products

Universal holder Subfloor preparation

Holder made of powder-coated square steel tube

Wolff Mixer Subfloor preparation

115 V 2 speed smoothing compound mixer

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